Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sis comes to Africa

I am fortunate enough to have had my sister come stay with me for the past three weeks. Katie flew into Johannesburg and joined me and some of the ETAs for a tour of the city.  Within the first 48 hours of her visit we got to: 

see the Apartheid Museum, visit Nelson Mandela's house, watch two guys attempt (and fail) to steal our parked car, discover that those guys damaged the gearbox and we could no longer drive in reverse, tour the depths of Soweto into the wee hours with a friend from the township, get a flat tire, visit a full grown cheetah and take him for a walk, eat lots of great food, have our car backed into, and nearly miss our flight back to Durban.

It was really cold in Johannesburg, but we still had a great time.

After a hectic weekend It was nice to return to the relaxed atmosphere and warm weather of Durban.  The students were thrilled to meet Katie.  They had been asking me every week for the past four months when she would get here.

Katie was able teach some of the students ballet and they were happy to return the favor by teaching her some of their traditional dances.  "Your sister learns the dances much better than you Mr. Pflueger"

I was just happy to have someone to help me with grading exams.

In addition to helping out at school, Katie joined me for some other adventures in KwaZulu Natal. First, we took a boat ride to hang with some hippos. We got closer in distance to the hippos than any human beings should ever travel, boat or no boat. I'm glad they weren't the hungry hungry kind of hippos.

The best part about living near the Indian ocean is the water is warmer in the dead of winter than the Atlantic is... ever.  

Dancing queen came with me to the Drakensberg mountains too.

We wrapped up the trip by visiting the site where Mandela was captured before he went to prison for 27 years.

It was so good to share my home here with someone from back home. The students were sad to see Katie leave, but I think she'll be back again someday in the future.

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