Friday, May 30, 2014

The music of Zwelibanzi

Most mornings I rush straight to the nearest open desk to immerse myself in final preparations for the day's classes, clubs, and activities.  But no matter how pressing or important whatever I'm working on seems to be in the moment, I always find time to make it out into the courtyard for our morning assembly.  It's impossible to not be moved by the gift our students have for singing.

 I spotted some of my students huddled together behind the library.  I asked them what they doing, assuming it would be the sort of mischief that 8th grade boys would normally be getting into. They answered, "We are practicing our gospel singing, Mr. Pflueger."

The best part is they were telling the truth.

And lastly, my favorite tune:

In other music news,  I've teamed up an awesome guy I teach with known as "Mr. Arts" who inherited a collection of old beat up guitars.  Last week we refurbished and re-stringed them so we could start teaching some of the students how to play.  

We've got a few naturals in the group, and I can't wait to see what where their musical creativity takes them as they tackle a new instrument.

Side note: Mr. Arts told me that my blog was boring because there aren't enough pictures and videos, I hope this entry meets his standards.

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